11-Year-Old Girl In Critical Condition After Being Hit By Car While Alighting School Bus

Minneapolis, Minnesota is home to Latonya Williams and Shianne Dean, a combo of mother and daughter, respectively.

Shianna is 11 years of age and goes to middle school just like other girls her age.

After she got off of her school bus last Friday, she was blindsided by a negligent driver at about five in the evening.

Shianne Dean’s sister – she’s just nine years old – had front-row seats to the accident.


Shianne Dean was hurt bad enough that, immediately after getting struck by the errant driver, she was determined to be in critical condition.

Shianne’s mother, Latonya Williams, was informed by a neighbor’s child who had just gotten off of the same bus seconds after the accident took place.

Ms. Williams said she took off running to the side of her daughter Shianne Dean in her hospital room, where she still hasn’t left.

The 11-year-old girl has been mentioned in virtually all local news media circuits there in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Shianne Dean had a GoFundMe page made just for her in order to raise money for the medical expenses she’ll incur as a result of finding herself as a victim of an errant, lazy-focused driver.

Getting hit by a moving motor vehicle isn’t something that you want to happen on just any day of the week.

Though Shianne said the event was that much worse than it otherwise would have been because she wanted to inform her mom about a good score that she made on an important test known as the MCA test.

Shianne has fought bravely through two surgeries of the brain since the accident nearly a full week ago.

John Elder of the Minneapolis Police Department shared in an interview with a local news station that the driver likely didn’t see the bright red, blinking, stop-sign-holding arm that was hanging out from the bus’ side.

The driver in the accident was 60-year-old Gregory Garth. Mr. Garth was arrested at the scene on a charge of criminal vehicular operation.

However, the Minneapolis Police Department shared that more formal charges were pending against Gregory Garth.

He was released from jail just two days after the incident, though Mr. Gregory Garth is still required to show up in court soon to face proceedings.

Officers are working to find out if Mr. Garth was impaired due to being under the influence of psychoactive drugs.





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