72-Year-old Man Was Fired Two Hours After Taking A Job And Later Got Paid with $70,000 For Wife’s Treatment

A 72-Year-old retired military man who served his country for almost forty-five years had to take a job due to his wife’s illness.

At the time of his retirement, he was thrilled and relieved that now he would be able to enjoy a lot of things that he couldn’t during his job. He was looking forward to pursuing many of his hobbies.

However, only a few years later, his beloved wife Rachel fell sick. When they consulted a doctor, she was diagnosed with a life-long illness that required urgent surgery and heavy medication every month.

Although David was receiving his pension from the government monthly, it wasn’t enough to cover Rachel’s surgery expenses and regular medical needs.

So, despite his old age, David decided to take a job. He applied for a job position in a local store and soon was called by the store manager.

The store management interviewed him and asked why he wanted to take that job at such an elderly age. David explained that he needed the job to pay for the monthly medication of his wife, who’s also having surgery next month.

Upon hearing this and looking at his military qualifications, the manager hired him and asked him to join immediately.

His job duty was to greet the customers and entertain their questions regarding a particular section of goods. He was pleased and found his work enjoyable as his colleagues were extremely courteous and kind enough to guide him.

He had just worked for three hours when a man entered the store through the back entrance, and suddenly everyone was on their toes. A co-worker told David that the man was the store’s owner and strictly followed the rules and regulations.

While David was busy talking to a customer, the owner came up to him and asked him to join him in his office. He felt a little nervous since his fellow colleagues informed him that the owner is fond of firing people over minor inconveniences.

When David went to see him in his office, the man introduced himself as Gregory and asked him to sit down. David was a little relieved as Gregory sounded polite. However, the next moment, Gregory told him that he was firing David and he couldn’t continue his job in his store.

“I’m sorry, but I just don’t think you’re fit for the job. I need to fire you,” he told David.

“I am sorry. Did I do anything wrong? He asked Gregory. “Please, I’ll take any job you have. If you don’t want me out front, I can work in your storage room at the back. I just really need this job.”

“Why do you need this job? You should be at home, retired,” asked Gregory.

“My wife, Rachel, is at the hospital after undergoing emergency surgery. My pension isn’t enough to cover her hospital bills just yet, so I need an extra job to ensure we’re not in debt,” David answered.

There was a long pause between the two, and then Gregory spoke up, “The truth is, I recognized you when I walked in. I couldn’t believe someone like you was in the store, not as a customer, but as part of the staff.”

“My dad served in the military many years ago and was once in trouble. He was badly injured in active battle, and his commander saved him. It was you, sir,” He told David.

Then he showed him a picture hanging on the wall and said, “Look, sir, that’s my dad.”

David looked around and saw a big portrait on the wall. He instantly recognized who he was looking at.

“You’re a Williamson. Are you the son of Captain James Williamson?” David asked him.

“I am, sir. My family owes you a great deal of gratitude. When I recognized you, I felt it was unfair that you needed to work after devoting your entire life to your country. That’s why I fired you,” he replied.

David thought for a while, then said, “Your father and I were excellent friends in the military. I never met his family, so I didn’t recognize you. I miss him a lot.”

“You and my dad are my heroes,” said Gregory. “You deserve to be at home, enjoying your retirement, sir. Please allow me to pay for your wife’s treatment. It will be my family’s gift to you for everything you’ve done for us.”

David couldn’t believe it was happening for real and burst into tears. Later that day, Gregory went to the hospital where David’s wife Rachel was admitted and paid for her surgery. He also gave the old couple a cheque worth 70,000 dollars and requested them to accept it.

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