A Mother Made Her Teen Daughter Sign A Tenancy Agreement Asking Her To Pay $100 per Month in Rent

Recently a mom revealed that she made her teenage daughter sign a contract that she would pay her rent if she wanted to continue living in her house.

The Oklahoma mom of six posted a video on her TikTok account where she showed her daughter, Jada, signing a lease agreement stating that she would pay a monthly amount of 100 dollars to live in the house owned by her mother.

The unnamed mom captioned her video, “When your 18-year-old decides to stay at home.”

She also used several hashtags like “#leaseagreement”, “#setupforsuccess”“#stayinhome, and “#myhousemyrules”.

The video became viral and received two million views and thousands of comments. Many people criticized her for being selfish and insensitive towards her 18-year-old daughter.

My parents did this, and we no longer talk! So good luck, I guess.”

“Setting her up for success,” bro, you’re setting her up to never speak to you again.”

“I could understand after college or something but fresh out of high school, and I would just leave and never talk to my mom again.”

“My mom started making me pay to rent the second I turned 18. I always said I would never do that to my kids. Not cool.”

“Setting her up to be in debt before ever leaving your home. Way to go!”

After receiving tones of negative comments on her video, the mother posted another video and explained the reason behind her move.

“My parents did not set me up for success, so I had to fight for every single thing that I have. And I don’t want my children to have to do that. So everything that I do prepares them for the real world.”

She also said that to rent a house in their area, one needs to provide “renter history” to make a good legal deal. So, her actions will help Jada in the future when she moves out of her parent’s house.

“First thing is, when you move out in our area, you have to have some sort of renter history showing that you can pay bills on time and that you’re a good renter […] so I did make a legal lease agreement with my daughter.”

“And that’s the only bill [Jada] pays.” She continued. “No car payment, no insurance, no cellphone bill. Her cash is spent mostly on the utilities, room, food, and everything else.”

Even after her explanation in her follow-up video, most people didn’t agree with her logic and said she did the wrong thing.

“Girl no! Is so wrong, you should talk to your teen daughter and explain you save money, think about how she is gonna feel to have to work and pay rent.”

“I’m this economy it would be hard for her to move out” so then why take money from her? Have her pay for her phone and car insurance if you wanna…”

“What about taking those $100 and save it for when she moves out she has funds to pay all those fees that come with renting.”

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