A Newborn Baby was Found Lying in a Wheelie Bin in Grimsby with the ‘Umbilical Cord Still Attached’

In the Grimsby estate, a newborn baby boy was found alive in a wheelie bin with his umbilical cord attached.

According to Grimbsy Live Reports, the baby was discovered among grass cuttings in a brown garden waste bin on Sunday, June 19.

On Sunday evening, around 5 pm, residents of Nunsthorpe estate heard a baby crying. A woman noticed the sound coming from a dustbin placed on Winchester Avenue.

When she opened the lid, she was shocked to see a newborn infant lying inside. While she took the baby out, the neighbors joined her, and they all became upset.

The concerned yet astonished residents took the baby and immediately went to the hospital, where he was admitted.

The hospital administration informed the police, who looked into the matter. The police traced the mother of the baby and took her into custody. The mother was then taken to the hospital.

After being informed of the incident, the relevant authorities reached the area where the baby was found. Residents saw four Police cars and two ambulances reaching the area.

The Humberside Police Officers took charge and started investigating the people living in the neighborhood. The officials have conducted house-to-house inquiries, and the residents told them what they saw.

While talking to Grimsby Live, the residents expressed their concerns about the infant and his mother.

“The mum must have been too young to understand or did not want anyone to know she was pregnant. We only hope she gets the care she needs and her baby.” One resident commented.

“It is just desperately sad. It’s such a relief that the little boy seems to be okay, and your heart goes out to the mum. She needs love and support, and hopefully, something good will still come from this.” A middle-aged woman said.

Another man told the reporters,

“We saw the boy being taken away by the ambulance crew. We all heard the cries. It is shocking for the woman who heard the cries and found him in the bin. We are all in pieces about this.”

We are all in pieces over this. It is a terrible shock.” A young boy said.

“It was worrying to see all the emergency services go past. I have never seen so many ambulances and police cars. Said a neighboring woman.

“Then there were scenes of crime vans, and it was just upsetting. Another resident said.

According to reports, a spokesperson from the East Midlands Ambulance Service said that on Sunday around 5 pm, they received a call about an abandoned baby lying in a dustbin.

‘We received a call at 4.58 pm on June 19 to a private address in Grimsby.

‘The caller reported a medical emergency.”

The Humberside Police officials stated, “Officers are in attendance at a property on Winchester Avenue following reports of safety concerns earlier this evening (Sunday, June 19)”

“Assistance has been provided to those concerned. There are no issues or risks to the wider community.”

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