After Spending 12 Years With Man She ‘Never Should’ve Married,’ Woman Finds Partner Who ‘Respects’ Her. ‘He Works Midnights. I Woke To Him Singing Our Baby To Sleep. Ladies, There Are Amazing Men In This World.’

Tia Doyle, a 29-years-old married woman, of Fenton, Michigan wrote to ‘Love What Matters’, “she spent almost 12 years in a marriage with a man she perhaps never should have married.

However, her husband never harmed her physically, but he left her unloved and undesired. At first, she thought that, if she loved him harder, tried more, and cherished the positive side, that would be the solution.

But her thoughts never come into reality. He always worked late at night and never loved her. And there were fi-ghts regarding her weight, dreams, aspirations, money”.

Tia Doyle said, she can’t explain how many nights she has cried to sleep. But until March, finally she found the courage to move on in life. It was the most difficult decision she could have ever made in her life. Right decision or wrong, she almost destroyed herself on trying to love. And now when she thinks of it, she feels like everything was a lie. She said that she made the worst decision and can’t accept herself. She is glad that that period was only short-

In May, she joined Tinder. Her one friend suggested she should spend some time alone and not rush into a new relationship as her relationship was such a long one. Replying to her friend, she said, “I had felt more alone in the last three years of my marriage than I ever could have explained. I was ready for a real relationship”. On Mother’s Day, Adam texted her. He was energetic, had a good sense of humor, and he never failed to make her smile, and talked like a sweet southern boy. Though he worked on night shifts. They went on a dinner date after three weeks. They talked about Adam’s family, he’s one of nine kids. For better understanding, Tia drew his family tree on a napkin to help herself stay organized.

As they continued talking, she got to know him more and more. “While he and I came from very different walks of life, I felt more connected to him than I’ve ever felt to anyone,” said Tia.

Adam was also di-vorced, and both of them felt it would be better not to marry again, as they both have already gone through a lot in marriage. She wanted to be in a relationship where her partner truly wants to be in the relationship. Throughout the summer, Tia’s ex-husband wanted to convince her to work things out which made her more guilty and br-oken.

On one hand, she was falling for Adam on the other, she was still struggling with the idea of giving up in marriage. Many people helped her, one of them told me, ‘There is absolutely nothing you can do that will make God love you anymore or any less than He already does. Don’t spend your life resenting your faith. Do what you need to do to find happiness.” Luckily, her family and friends were massive supporters. Whenever she felt weak, she could call her loved ones and feel better. Adam himself was supportive to her and encouraged her to make the best decision for her. Tai said, “He said he would support me no matter what, and that he understood wanting to fi-ght for my marriage.

He asked to take all the time I needed, and he wouldn’t stand in my way”.

“I br-oke down and told my ex I’d try counseling with him. Immediately after agreeing, I started crying and couldn’t stop. The thought of letting Adam go br-oke my heart more than anything else. I prayed and prayed and prayed, and I went to that counseling session with teary eyes and a heavy heart”. Then something unexpected happened when she visited the counselor: “he gave her permission to choose to leave”. “He said that we ultimately have to decide what’s best for us, and not make the decision for the other person because that’s how it would play out in the end anyway, whether it happened today, next week, or in fifteen years.”

She finally found the answer for which she was looking for. And prepared herself to move on into a new beginning. By the end of November, her di-vorce date was finalized, and she continued dating Adam. Although his work shifts were hectic, they still managed to meet each other more often. Finally, in April, she moved in with Adam and by May they were ready to grow their family. The most difficult part of the di-vorce for Adam was to lose his son and Tia wanted children for more than 10 years. They were equally ready to be parents. In June, Tia Doyle started doing her dream job as a principal at an elementary school in Flint, Michigan. Then in October, she bought a house for herself near her school. at a walking distance of 30 minutes from her workplace. In November, she found out she was pregnant. And she used the handkerchief from their first date to tell Adam.

Slowly and steadily, their life changed. The only thing which remained constant was Adam and his love for Tia.

He continued to show love and support. He worked 12-hour shifts with only every other weekend off to support us. Furthermore, he’s the kind of man who without asking got me a Slurpee at the gas station, or randomly brought home a dozen roses and a card or a pack of her favorite Oreos. Every time he leaves her place he makes sure he asks her if she needs anything. “He tells me, ‘Goodnight, beautiful,’ before I go to sleep and always acknowledges the silly things I tag him in on social media. He sends me random uplifting texts, and always, always responds to me. He supports my wildest dreams, like opening up a new school and investing in my photography business, while simultaneously raising two babies (we’re due with number two in July!)”, Said Tia Doyle.

Adam knows cooking, cleaning and laundry. And above all, he loves Tia and children a lot. Tia Doyle said, “he drove an hour commute each way, after working midnight – he left for work at 9:45 last night, after only getting a 2-hour nap because I was gone all day, and he had our little girl.

He came home at 8 a.m. this morning, kissed me good morning, kissed my pregnant belly and got our baby girl up, so I could sleep a bit longer. I woke up two hours later to a homemade omelet waiting for me, and he was singing our baby girl to sleep with country music.”

He came home at 8 a.m. this morning, kissed me good morning, kissed my pregnant belly and got our baby girl up, so I could sleep a bit longer. I woke up two hours later to a homemade omelet waiting for me, and he was singing our baby girl to sleep with country music.”

Ladies, there are amazing men in this world. Stop putting up with the B.S. and find a partner who loves and respects you, one who will always put you and your family first. You deserve it! “The greatest gift in the world is having a true partner by your side. No matter what life throws our way, I know that God brought this man into my world to be my rock. If I had known that love like this existed, I never would have settled for anything else. I can only hope that one day every woman will find their Adam.” wrote Tia Doyle to ‘Love What Matters’.



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