Anne Heche once said in 2017 that she Hoped to be Remembered for Giving her Kids ‘the life they love’

After the Donnie Brasco actress Anne Heche’s passing, one of her 2017 interviews resurfaced on the internet in which she shared with her fans how she hoped to be remembered by everyone after she’d be gone for good.

In her interview with Access Hollywood, the actress said she wanted her children to always remember her as a kind and lovely mother who gave them everything they wanted.

“Since the movie is called The Last Word, and given what it’s about, what do you hope people would say about you as far as last words go?” the interviewer asked Heche.


“Oh… Oh Lord, oh Lord…” she replied. “Hopefully that I made my children happy.”


“I hope I would give my boys the life they deserve and the life they love. I’d be delighted to leave this world with my kids happy and content with their mother who gave them everything they wished for.” She added.






Heche left behind two sons, Homer Laffoon, 20, and Atlas Heche Tupper, 13. She shared the boys with two of her ex-partners, Coley Laffoon and James Tupper, respectively.

According to People, ‘the actress often posted loving sentiments about them to her social media pages and brought them along to events.’

“Obviously, the miracle of life for a mother is just dumbfounding. It’s so hard to explain how wonderful it is to look in the eyes of a child that you’re blessed with.” She told the outlet in one of her interviews after the birth of her son, Atlas.


On Friday, August 13, Anne’s eldest son Homer shared a heart-touching statement in the memory of his late mother.

“My brother Atlas and I lost our Mom. After six days of almost unbelievable emotional swings, I am left with a deep, wordless sadness.”

“Hopefully, my mom is free from pain and beginning to explore what I like to imagine as her eternal freedom. Over those six days, thousands of friends, family, and fans made their hearts known to me.”


“I am grateful for their love, as I am for the support of my Dad, Coley, and my stepmom Alexi who continue to be my rock during this time. Rest In Peace Mom, I love you, Homer.”

The Girl Fight star shared her son Homer with her ex-husband Coleman Coley Laffoon. The two remained married for almost eight years, from 2001 to 2009.

After her divorce from Laffoon, she hooked up with the Canadian actor James Tupper – the two worked together in the ABC series Men in Trees.

Heche and Tupper became parents to a boy named Atlas.

Daily Mail wrote that, in the past few months, the actress was dating her Hung costar, Thomas Jane.

“She was crazy in love with him. After so many failed relationships, she thought she finally found her person — the guy who would be in her life forever.”

“And when they couldn’t make it work, she started falling apart.”

“Anne has always had demons and in the end, when they couldn’t make it work, she started falling apart and she turned to the things that took her out of her funk before — bad things.”

On August 5, Heche met with a terrible car accident, and her car caught fire. She was immediately taken to the hospital, where she lay in a coma for several days. On August 12, doctors declared her ‘brain dead’ and turned off her life support.

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