Documento vazado estabelece novo sistema de bloqueio de três camadas, incluindo possível fechamento de bares

A leaked government document reveals plans for a new three-tier lockout system that could be introduced in England, where other restrictions may include closing bars and banning people from mixing outside their own homes.

According to the Guardian, the ‘Covid-19 Proposed Social Distancing Structure’ has not yet been approved by No. 10, but it does establish tougher measures that the government is considering imposing if coronavirus cases continue to increase at the same time. which tries to simplify the bag mixing of localized restrictions.


“The survey tells us that people would like a clearer and simpler structure for the advice and rules they should follow,” says the document.

He adds that “many people do not have a clear understanding of the rules that apply to them”.

The draft document, seen by the media and dated September 30, describes a series of alert levels of varying severity, with level three being the highest.

Alert level three contains the most rigid set of measures – which are also more rigid than any we’ve seen in any localized blocks.

This includes: closing hospitality and leisure businesses; no social contact outside your home in any environment; restrictions on overnight stays away from home; and organized non-professional sports or other common hobby groups and activities, such as social clubs in community centers, are not permitted.


However, places of worship can remain open, although there is no mention of schools.

The Guardian reports that under alert level two, people should not meet other people outside their homes, in private homes or gardens – in addition to the people inside their support bubble – or in pubs, restaurants or other environments.

Visiting nursing homes will only be allowed in exceptional circumstances and people should only travel if necessary, although holidays are allowed, as long as people do not mix families.

Organized sports teams can meet, while weddings are limited to 15 participants without reception, and the number of funerals is reduced from 30 to 15 people.

Alert level one, in turn, contains restrictions currently in effect across England, including the ‘rule of six’ measure for all meetings, mandatory facial coverage, 10 pm curfew for hospitality companies and limited numbers weddings and funerals – which do not allow more than 15 and 30 participants, respectively.

As for when and how these alert levels would be activated, according to the leaked document, alert level three would be triggered ‘in geographic areas or nationally, when alert level 2 measures do not contain the spread of the virus, or where there is an increase in transmission ”, and alert level two would take effect“ in geographic areas or nationally when there is an increase in transmission, which cannot be contained through local responses ”.

A government source told the Guardian that the document was an ‘initial draft and the proposals are still being analyzed by ministers’.

A Department of Health spokesman said: “We are seeing cases of coronavirus increasing rapidly across the country and, given the severity of the virus, it is vital that everyone does their part by following the rule of six, washing their hands, doing activities distance themselves and wear a mask in closed spaces.

“As we have shown, we are prepared to take decisive action when necessary and, of course, it is right to see how we make sure that everyone understands and complies with the restrictions that will keep us all safe.”

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