Amy Winehouse Sings Incredible Beatles Cover That Showcases Her Amazing Vocal Range

Some artists have an energy that can transform any room.

Amy Winehouse undoubtedly had one of the most unique and powerful voices in the music industry, which made her untimely death that much more tragic. In this rare footage, she brings down the house with her insane vocals and electric energy.

She hits notes that seem impossible!

Amy Winehouse performing “All My Loving” by The Beatles really takes the song to another level.

Winehouse was one of those rare artists, and a talent that only comes around once every couple of decades. She could blend almost any style of music out there. Her ability to perfect jazz, blues, rhythm and soul solidified her spot as one of the greats at an extremely young age.

The powerhouse vocalist passed away in 2011 at just 27 years old due to alcohol poisoning, but her memory surely lives on.

Which is exactly why we’re still watching performances like this one almost a decade after her death!

When Winehouse begins singing the popular song by The Beatles, you’re immediately drawn in—her voice is just a cut above the rest.

Not many singers can outdo The Beatles on their own song, but Amy Winehouse is definitely one of them. She effortlessly goes through the iconic song from 1963, making it her own every step of the way.

The way she manipulates her voice to cover so many vocal ranges at once is baffling.

It’s no wonder she won six Grammys and was nominated 14 times!

The camera zooms in and out, catching different angles of the magical performance Winehouse is putting on.

She’s one of those musicians that you could sit and listen to all day, as goosebumps flood your body every time she lets her pipes soar.

A guitarist continues to pluck the tune of “All My Loving” as Winehouse comes closer to the end of the song and picks it up a notch.

Toward the end of the performance, Winehouse puts her vocals on full display with a flurry of beautiful notes.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Winehouse grips the microphone tightly, contorting her face and singing at a level that is unfathomable to most singers.

The Beatles would be proud of this cover—heck, in another era, they’d probably be reaching out for a collaboration!

This performance was from 2004, just a year after Winehouse’s debut album Frank was released and she was catapulted into stardom.

At the very end of the “All My Loving” cover, Winehouse lets out one last barrage of contralto magic for the grand finale.

The crazy part is this isn’t even a planned performance—Winehouse just happened to be at Glastonbury Music Festival and decided to stop by BBC Three to perform.

People on the internet went nuts for this video, which is not surprising.

The cover of “All My Loving” by The Beatles has been viewed over 3.6 million times, with 61,000 people liking it.

Thousands of fans also left comments for the vibrant star gone too soon, with many expressing extreme sadness at her early passing.

Amy Winehouse was truly one-of-a-kind. Her magnetic energy and entrancing voice will be remembered forever. Her story has already helped so many struggling with drug and alcohol addiction and will continue to do so.

To see Amy Winehouse’s touching rendition of “All My Loving,” just watch the video below!

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