Quotes For People Who Know Vodka Is Always The Answer

Everyone has a favorite drink when it comes to alcohol. For some, it’s wine. For other’s, it’s beer. But, when you’re going for a night out with your friends, vodka is many people’s go-to. Mixed with juice, sode, or whatever you desire, vodka is the answer when it comes to having a night full of fun.

1. The best thing about mixed drinks is… everything.

Drinks that taste like just the mixer are the best because before you know it, you’re sloshed. You don’t even taste the alcohol! It goes down so smoothly.

2. BRB don’t bother me until then.

When they find free-flowing vodka on Mars, we’ll all be ready to exit the dying planet Earth and live in a magical land where the drinks are always cold and free!

3. Since forever.

If you want to forget an entire night, drink enough vodka where you don’t have to remember it at all! Cheers to making bad decisions and not remembering!

4. Chugs

We’ve all been there. Vodka tastes like the last time I made terrible decisions, so I hate it. But, at the same time, bottoms up, am I right?

5. It’s a healthy meal.

If you need to convince yourself to grab yourself some vodka tonight, remember vegetables. Vegetables are good for you! Therefore, vodka is good for you.

6. Instant confidence.

Need to talk to a cute stranger? Need to bust a move on the dance floor? Need to muster up some confidence? Take a shot. Or three.

7. Vodka and soda has ruined soda with me.

If you’re able to still drink soda without tasting vodka, you’ve probably haven’t had that much vodka in your life. Just saying.

8. It’s an endless, endless love.

People may think they’ve found their soulmate in another person, but some of us have found out soulmate in another bottle of vodka.

9. Don’t forget!

When life is hard, make lemonade out of the sour lemons you got. But, make sure that you don’t forget the vodka. The vodka is the most important part. As per usual.

Boozy Quotes For People Who Have No Need For Wine Stoppers

You guys ever heard of these things called “wine stoppers”?

Apparently, they’re meant to be used to close an already-opened bottle of wine so it can be refrigerated and enjoyed later on. But here’s my question: who the heck isn’t finishing their bottles of wine?

Personally, I like to make sure I get every last drop out, so I certainly won’t be needing one of those so-called “stoppers” anytime soon, thank you very much. After all, mamma didn’t raise a quitter.

If you’re like me and you prefer to finish your wine in a single sitting, I think you’re really going to enjoy these boozy quotes.

AKA at 8:32 AM on Monday morning.

I find myself thinking about wine a lot lately, especially since I started working from home.

But that can probably be attributed to the fact that my “office” is in my kitchen and I have a perfect view of all my unopened bottles.

And it probably costs less, too!

I’m not going to try to tell you how to live your life or anything. But I will say that I’ve never seen a 2-for-1 bottles of “happiness” sale.

Keep ’em coming.

I’m not particularly about sizes, either. Any is fine, just as long as it’s filled right up to the tippy-top.

At my age, I also have no patience for stinginess.

Let’s be self aware here, guys.

You can call me “Wine-o Bear“.

When it comes time for the “Care Bear Stare”, I guarantee it won’t be a ray of “love and good cheer” that emulates from my belly, either. It’ll almost definitely be a cheap bottle of red.

Heartbreaking, really.

You know when you hear a story about someone you went to high school with, and you really thought they were going places after graduation, but now you find out they’re 30 and living in their parents’ garage while trying to kick-start their own tie-dyed shirt business?

Yeah, raisins feels like that kind of unrealized potential.

Waiter! Another round, please!

If you’re going to shame me for enjoying a tall glass of the good stuff with an order of cheesy, fully-loaded nachos, then I’m sorry but we simply cannot be friends anymore.

Weird how that happens.

I can’t tell you how many times I have shown up somewhere with a rather large bottle of wine, only to have somehow finished it all by myself before dinner is even served.

Hey, I’m not complaining. That’s what the back-up bottle is for!

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