Artist Offered To “Remove Your Ex” from Pictures and Gets Flooded with Hilarious Requests

Nowadays, with social media becoming a thing, people take a lot of photos of almost everything and anything.

Whoever you meet or wherever you go, you’ll see someone clicking pictures for their Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook account. People think taking a photo will help them remember something forever.

But that’s not always the case. We often click beautiful pictures with a loved one, a boyfriend, girlfriend, a friend, or relative. But somehow, with time, we either break up with them or simply grow apart.

Oftentimes, after a breakup, many people don’t want to keep the memories of their ex-partners. That includes photos, videos, presents, memoirs, or anything of that sort.

Now you can throw away a gift from your ex and discard their solo pictures.

But what about those beautiful photos you once clicked with love and so much excitement and wanted to cherish forever, and yet you can’t do that just because there’s this certain someone in your photos that you wish weren’t there, or you could crop them somehow.

Now, this is possible with advanced social media apps and artistic skills.

An artist and makeup enthusiast took to Twitter and posted a tweet in which offered people to get their nasty exes removed from their favorite photos.

A woman who goes by the username @hexgirlfriend posted two photos in which a woman was sitting along with her dog and her man. Her tweet went viral with 16K retweets and 144.4K likes.

“for $10 I will edit your ex out of your photo serious inquiries only.” Her caption said.

People started flooding the comment section with requests. The majority either wanted their exes removed from their fondest memories or simply wanted her to edit their photos and make them exclusive. Some even made fun of her and posted witty replies.

Sharing some of the most interesting responses below,

“I was a STUDENT OF THE YEAR finalist but can’t look at my photo without bad memories! And I didn’t get a single one on my own. Please send me your PayPal you’d be doing me a HUGE favour. I want to flaunt my achievements in peace.”

“Are you actually doin this??? I got a cute vacation pic ruined and I would seriously pay $10 to get him taken out”

“Can you edit people I would never have a chance with in?”

“10$ and I’ll put your ex back in if y’all get back together”

“Instead of removing can you add all my cats in one nice group picture. How much per cat”


“How bout photoshopping me into the second pic to become a part of that adorable family”


“For $10 I will edit humans out of your photo serious inquiries only.”

“Someone tell that woman The Predator is following her!!!”

“Guys she really killed it.”

“Lol. It’s okay. I already got it”


“I thought I’d flex my skills also. I edited my friends brother out cause she looked gorgeous and he had an awkward face.”

“she did the damn thing”

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