One Bulgarian lady has transformed her figure dramatically over the years, earning the moniker “real-life Barbie.” Andrea Ivanova, 22, has no intention of giving up her preoccupation with altering her physical characteristics, which involves using lip fillers to get the largest pout in the world.

Since 2018, Ivanova has spent about $166.66 on each of her 20 lip filler injections. Despite having huge lips currently, the woman said she could receive additional injections in the future. She said in 2020, her most recent injection was two days ago. She loves having even more, however some physicians say it’s sufficient, even if she still wants them to be bigger. Her doctor promised to provide further shots but stated she would have to wait at least two months. She really enjoys her new lips.

After the injection, eating was challenging, and it got worse two to three days later. She adores her lips and believes they are beautiful. They may not be the world’s largest lips, but they certainly rank among the biggest, in her opinion. Ivanova, who adheres to the philosophy that “larger is better,” quadrupled the size of her lips in order to be more trendy, despite the difficult days after the treatment.

She added, she placed virtually all sorts of lip fillers, and acknowledged visiting “almost all clinics” in Sofia, Bulgaria for cosmetic operations.

Ivanova, however, dodges the question of whether she has a fixation with lip fillers. She is, however, amenable to the notion of acquiring the largest lips ever. “Indeed, why not? In her nation, females with fillers in their lips are quite popular, and huge lips are also in style.

In response to a question on how the general public perceives her beauty, the woman with 64.1K Instagram followers said that she frequently gets praises.

She did note that the majority of the criticism she received came from females. Each day, she receives tens of thousands of comments on her lips, her attire, her vision, and her sense of style from people all around the world. She receives both favorable and negative feedback, but the majority of the latter are sent by women.

Ivanova, though, remains unaffected by the criticism. Ivanova, a confident lady, said, “There are individuals who like her with bigger lips and there are those who like her with smaller lips but it doesn’t matter to her, since it’s vital for her, how she likes it.

She continued that, “The views of others are immaterial. Given that everyone has a different definition of what is considered “large,” “bigger,” and “too big,” She is unable to say how big is too big or if lips may be too big. She is open-minded, and she believes that individuals should be allowed to decide for themselves whether something is large enough for them or if it is too huge. There are no bounds for her.




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