British Father-of-Two who Left His Wife for a Ukrainian refugee Now Plans to Marry Her

The Bradford father, who left his partner of ten years after falling in love with a Ukrainian refugee who came over to stay at their house for a few weeks, is now planning to marry her.

Tony lived in Bradford and was previously married to a woman named Lorna. Their marriage lasted for ten good years until he met Sofiia.

He shares two daughters with Lorna, one six years old and the other only three.

He fell in love with a 22-year-old Ukrainian girl named Sofiia Karkadym, who had moved into the couple’s home a few months ago after fleeing her hometown of Lviv.

And within a period of two weeks, he claimed that he was in love with Sofiia. When his wife Lorna confronted him, he admitted that he had feelings for the new girl, and she also liked him.

His wife asked the Ukrainian girl to leave them alone and move out of their house but to her surprise, her husband Tony also decided to leave with her.

Tony, who used to work as a security guard, told Daily Mail that he intends to marry Sofiia and even plans to start a new family with her. He also said that currently, he is not allowed to see his daughters as his ex-wife Lorna took the matter to court.

“I want to propose to this beautiful lady,” he told MailOnline.

“I am also planning to consult my doctors to reverse the vasectomy I had after having two children with my previous partner Lorna.” He added.

He also shared with the outlet that he had given up his job to be with Sofiia, who’s currently dealing with some eyesight issues.

“I want to say that out of Putin’s evil has come something really good for me and her.”

He further said that he wants to formally propose to her and make it a special moment for them.

“I want to make it special so we’re just going to wait until we have found somewhere proper to live where we can settle.”

“I want to make it romantic for her. We’ve talked about marriage and that doesn’t mean that I can’t surprise her with the proposal. I’ll make it one that she will never forget.”

Garnet said that they are planning to visit Sofiia’s father in Ukraine so that he can officially ask for his blessings.

‘She doesn’t quite understand it. But I’ve explained to her that it is a respectful thing that British men do to go and ask a girl‘s father for her hand in marriage.’

He also said that people on social media are going crazy about his relationship with Sofiia.

“The reaction to us being a couple has just been mad! I picked up 5,000 Instagram followers yesterday and she got 7,000 for no reason at all. People are fascinated with us.”

He further added, “We’ve had some quite horrible stuff posted about us on Instagram and other social media.”

“But these people are just morons and cannot understand how people can fall in love even if it is only been a short time that they’ve known each other.”

Her new partner Sofiia told the outlet that she is surprised to see what people have got to say about them as a couple.

“The news about Tony and me has reached Ukraine and my family called me and said they were very upset and at one stage they said they were never going to talk to me again.”

“But I have explained to them that Tony was not married and that we innocently fell in love and this is a permanent thing. But I was upset that my family read the stories that say a Ukrainian girl had gone to Britain and stolen somebody’s husband.”

“I am worried that the Russians will use this as propaganda to try and show the Ukrainians cause trouble wherever they go,” she said.

The 29-year-old told MailOnline that despite all the hateful comments from people on social media, they are trying to stay positive and happy together.

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