British Father who Left His Family for a Ukrainian Refugee Now Invites Another Woman to Share their House

The British father, who left his partner of ten years after falling in love with a Ukrainian refugee who came over to stay at their house for a few weeks, is now planning to marry her.

Tony lived in Bradford and was previously married to a woman named Lorna. Their marriage lasted for ten good years until he met Sofiia.

He shares two daughters with Lorna, one six years old and the other only three.

He fell in love with a 22-year-old Ukrainian girl named Sofiia Karkadym, who had moved into the couple’s home a few months ago after fleeing her hometown of Lviv.

And within just two weeks, he claimed that he was in love with Sofiia. When his wife Lorna confronted him, he admitted that he had feelings for the new girl, and she also liked him.

His wife asked the Ukrainian girl to move out of their house, but to her surprise, her husband Tony also decided to leave with her.

Tony, who used to work as a security guard, is currently jobless and living with Sofiia in a rented house in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

According to the recent update, the couple intends to get married soon. In all the chaos when Tony is trying to reverse his vasectomy and filing a suit in court to seek the court’s permission to see his daughters, he and Sofiia have taken in another refugee couple from Ukraine.

Daily Mail reported that last week the couple saw an internet plea for help from Sofiia Rastorhuieva and her boyfriend, Illia Tronevych. They came to the UK as refugees from Ukraine in the last week of June.

Rastorhuieva, 19, and her boyfriend Illia, 18, posted on Facebook that they had been asked to leave the house they were staying at earlier and wanted a shelter home as soon as possible.

So, Garnett and Sofiia decided to share their house with the newly arrived refugees.

“I am glad that Tony and Sofiia have come to help us. We were very unhappy at that place.” Rastorhuieva said.

“We have been told off for leaving doors open and letting the cats escape. It has been very hot and we were not even allowed to open the windows in case the cats escaped”

“We only had one small sofa bed to sleep on and it was very uncomfortable. We had to do their washing, the laundry, and clean the place for them. We just didn’t feel right there.”

She further added, “We had nowhere to go. We are refugees from Ukraine. My hometown is Kremenchuk the same place where the Russians killed many people last month.”

“It is very dangerous there. We knew the Russians were close and our parents asked us to leave for our safety. Illia and I went to Warsaw and then we came here at Leeds Bradford Airport.”

“We thought we would be happy, but it has been very difficult for us. We know this is a great country with nice people and we love it here in Yorkshire.”

Illia, who used to work in a coffee shop as a barista, said that the Bradford couple has been really nice to them.

“It was a very nice thing for Tony and Sofiia to do to invite us into their home.”

Tony, who has been heavily criticized on social media after he ended his decade-long marriage with the mom of his two daughters, said,

‘I know people see me as this sort of cheeky chappy who hops from bed to bed because I left my partner Lorna and two daughters.”

“Nothing could be further from the truth. My relationship with Lorna had broken down for some years, and we were living as brother and sister.”

“Since Sofiia arrived, I have managed to smile a lot and be happy again. I’m going to make her my wife.”

He said that people keep telling him that he has become an internet celebrity as his new relationship has gone viral.

‘People keep telling me that I’m some sort of celebrity now and that I should go on Love Island because I’ve got thousands more of Instagram followers and all that.”

“But why would I want to do that when I’ve got lovely Sofiia who I intend to marry and have children with when the time is right? If you go on Love Island you are looking for love. I’ve already found it in her.”

While talking about the new refugee couple, Garnett said,

“I am all about humanity and kindness and when I saw that these two Ukrainians needed help. I sat down and spoke with Sofiia about it.”

‘I asked her if she thought it might be a good idea to let them live with us for a while as we have a second room.”

The father of two said that although he doesn’t have a job at the moment, he still wanted to help the couple because that’s what good people do.

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