Camille Vasquez Catches Up With Johnny Depp At His Prague Concert

Last week Johnny Depp and his legal team reunited at one of his concerts in Prague.

A video is currently doing rounds on social media in which fans can see the Pirates of the Caribbean actor chatting with his attorneys, including Camille Vasquez, Jessica Meyers, and Samuel Moniz.

Fans quickly spotted Vasquez talking and laughing with her star client while her boyfriend, Edward Owen, stood beside her.

Daily Mail reported that the attorney was seen giggling and joking with Depp as she introduced her English boyfriend to him.

“Footage posted on Instagram shows the actor waving at fans before Vasquez puts an arm around her boyfriend while they chat with Jessica Meyers and Samuel Moniz, also part of his legal team.”

Then Depp was seen shaking his hand and hugging him. The video was recorded by a fan who attended the concert where the ‘Edward Scissorhands’ actor performed along with his guitarist friend, Jeff Beck.

This is the first reunion of the ‘The Rum Diary’ actor with his legal team after the conclusion of his blockbuster trial against ex-wife Amber Heard.

The legal battle between Johnny and Amber started back in April in the Virginia Court, where Johnny was represented by a team of lawyers from a leading international law firm, Brown Rudnick.

Besides Vasquez, the team consisted of Ben Chew, Stephanie Calnan, Andrew Crawford, Rebecca MacDowell Lecaroz, Yarelyn Mena, Jessica Meyers, and Samuel Moniz.

The 37-year-old lawyer played a crucial role in Depp’s win. She was prominent on her team and gained massive appreciation from the public for asking tough questions in the court.

As the trial was televised live on YouTube and other websites, millions of fans across the globe followed it.

People watched Vasquez cross-examining Amber Heard on the stand and destroying the actress with her solid arguments.

Fans loved her and called her “THE REAL QUEEN” in the courthouse.

The jury decided that Amber did defame Johnny in her Washington Post op-ed of 2018.

She was awarded $2 million for a part of her counterclaim and Johnny $15 million in damages.

Johnny’s victory was largely attributed to Camille’s courtroom performance, which won over the public.

After winning the case, she celebrated the verdict outside the court.

She was also awarded a promotion following the conclusion of the trial. Her law firm Brown Rudnick announced on June 7 that Vasquez will be promoted to partner, a position regarded as a solicitor’s zenith.

Now almost a month later, the winning team met again at a concert where Johnny performed with his band (the actor is currently on a Europe tour with Hollywood Vampires)

News18 quoted that the video was posted two days ago, and the text read, “Johnny & his legal team reunited at one of his shows last night.”

The video came as a treat for Depp’s fans and showed him waving at his supporters. Meanwhile, Vasquez looked stunning as she was seen laughing and conversing with her star client while he hugged her partner.


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The comments section was flooded with people admiring their chemistry. Some even commented that Johnny and Camille would look good together, so they should be in a relationship.

“The bond that occurs between a trial team is deep and everlasting.” A user wrote.

“Camille is doing absolutely nothing in this video and I’m still in love with her lmao.”  Said another.

“I was hoping Camille and Johnny would end up together. Oh well hopeless romantic in me…” Someone else said.

“I love this.. especially the big between her boyfriend and Johnny.” Another commented.

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