Cardi B has a secret. The up rapper has her eye on a new house that she wants to buy and she’s just putting it out there in the world that hard work might land her that living room with the beautiful hard wood floors.
“Took a picture in this house I want to buy… to remind myself to go harder… watch me get it,” she tweeted on Wednesday (Aug. 10) in a snap where she sat on a couch and tilted her head just so while chilling in a rustic room accented by blonde woodwork and a marble fireplace. And while Cardi didn’t reveal where her dream home is located — or if it means she wants to move out of her Atlanta mansion — husband Offset sounded like he was more than ready to make it happen.

“Damn you really want this house,” he responded a short time later. “Don’t worry we gone get it!!”

Maybe the parents of two need some extra space for their brood, which includes first-born daughter Kulture, who got a blow-out mermaid-themed party last month to celebrate her fourth birthday. Cardi posted adorable matchy-matchy pics of her and her daughter modeling their mermaid tails in a carousel that showed off Kulture’s version of a Little Mermaid-inspired outfit, which consisted of a beige mesh and an iridescent shell mermaid top decorated with starfish, pearls and rhinestones, a glimmering seashell crown that held a bundle of red hair, and of course, a sequined mermaid skirt meant to replicate a tail fin.

Cardi’s version of the outfit was, of course, a bit more grown up, including an iridescent shell bra and a high-waisted, sequined skirt with a thigh-high slit. The “Hot S–t” rapper also accessorized the look with a hot pink wig and matching high-heel pumps that she swapped for reflective flats later in the evening when Offset and infant son Wave joined her and Kulture for a sweet family photo.

Check out their back-and-forth below.




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