Did Jennifer Lopez Just Low-Key Hint That She Might Take a Break from Performing?

If you’ve recently been feeling the slight light-headed, not-quite-rightness that signals low levels of Bennifer updates in your system, Jennifer Lopez is here with a hit for you.

In the most recent edition of her On the JLonewsletter, Jennifer shared some updates about her life and where her head is at, which, TBH, is what we’ve come to expect when new issues hit our inboxes and TB even more H is pretty much why we subscribed in the first place. But, in addition to those life/where-her-head-is-rn updates, she also shared a little peek into her adorable relationship with fiancé (re-fiancé? …Re-iancé? Nope, forget we tried that) Ben Affleck (which TB even even more H, is actually a big part of why we subscribed in the first place).

In the pictures, Jen and Ben are straight up canoodling in a restaurant, with Jen in a green dress (which, she points out in the newsletter is still her lucky color—a nod back to the recent issue debuting her massive green engagement ring) and posed in various stages of sitting-on-Ben’s-lap. In one shot, she even steals a kiss. It’s almost too cute. Almost.

Ofc, fans have been sharing the cozy PDA pics/gushing about the continued perpetual cuteness that is Bennifer 2.0 because, honestly, how could they not?


Now that we’ve covered the light PDA and heavy cuteness of the newsletter’s pictures, let’s get back to those life and headspace updates. Anyone able to peel their eyes away from the pics long enough to read the words that J.Lo wrote to go along with them learned that the singer/actress/dancer/fashion icon/all-around international superstar is shifting her priorities a bit—and *maybe* hinting that she’ll be spending less time professionally singing/acting/dancing/fashion icon-ing/international superstar-ing in the future.

“It’s super important for me, especially now, to prioritize my personal life and not just my work life. When I had kids 14 years ago was when I started thinking differently,” she wrote (per Entertainment Tonight). “Things changed for me. Little by little, my perspective has turned into a healthier work-life balance.”

And, while becoming a mom started an overall shift in Jen’s life priorities, settling down with her OTP Ben, is clearly moving the “life” part of “work/life balance” even higher on her personal priority list.

“Now that I’m getting married, it’s about my family first and foremost,” she added. “It’s about having enough time to be the woman, the mother, the partner and the person that I need to be for the important people in my life. It must be a very special project if it’s going to take time away from my family.”

If you’re now sitting in a swirl of conflicting emotions (i.e. happiness at Jen’s obvious happiness but also sadness at the idea of less J.Lo content to consume). Please come join my club.


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