Elderly Couple Married For 77 Years Were Buried Together Holding Hands In One Casket

When one half of an elderly married couple passes away, it’s often not long after that the other person passes away as well.




The bond that is shared is sometimes too strong to be broken by death, and the person left alone is unable to live without the love of their life.

Raymond Bruer had one wish before he died. He was married to his wife Velva for 77 years.

They lived in Missouri and had six beautiful children together. Three of their children are still alive and were touched when they heard their father’s last wish.




s Raymond was talking to his nurse just before he died, he mentioned that he didn’t want to be away from his wife in their death.

The couple held hands in the hospital room because they knew that their time on earth was drawing to a close.

Raymond was 97 and knew that he and his wife should be buried together.




Raymond told the nurse about his wishes because he didn’t know if he or his wife would die first.

Raymond passed away, and a little over a day later, his wife joined him in death. A few days after the couple died, they were buried in the same casket.

They were even positioned so that they were holding hands like they did so many times while they were alive.

The couple can now rest in peace together and enjoy many years in harmony in the afterlife, holding hands as they did in the hospital before they died.






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