‘Getting hired on the spot is a huge red flag’: TikToker schedules 4 interviews in one day, gets every job

The U.S. job market is in an interesting state. While some are having trouble even getting called back, others are discovering just the opposite.

One story of the latter recently went viral after being posted on TikTok. In a video with over 1.2 million views, user Ghaelyn (@heyimghae) says she attended four interviews in one day—and got hired in every single one.


@heyimghae Yall, please help me i have literally no idea what to do 😭😭 #jobs #interviews #jobinterview ♬ original sound – Ghaelyn

In the video, she shares the various payments and work schedules for each job, ranging from part-time work for $14 an hour to full time for $2.13 plus tips. The latter job was a position at Red Lobster.

In comments, users expressed their surprise at the results of her interviews.

“Lol and I can’t get over my anxiety to attend 1 interview,” one user wrote.

“Must be nice,” another added. “I cant get anyone to call back and its ridiculous!”

Others who worked on the managerial side were thankful she showed up to all of her scheduled interviews.

“As a manager, I really appreciate that you went to all the interviews,” a commenter explained. “No call no shows for interviews [thumbs down].”

Additional users cautioned her to be careful with jobs that seemed eager to hire.

“Getting hired on the spot is a huge red flag,” a TikToker noted.

The comment section was largely filled with advice about which job to take, advising Ghaelyn to factor commute and stress into her calculations before accepting an offer.

In a follow-up, she reveals which job she’s leaning toward.

@heyimghae Replying to @bluechocolatebellz let me know if this helps, if you have any other questions i can answer or if you want any other tips!! Good luck!! 🫶🏼🫶🏼 #interview #interviewanxiety #interviewtips #indeed #jobs #employers ♬ original sound – Ghaelyn

In this video, she explains that the jobs she applied for were at Aldi, Buffalo Wild Wings, a local brewery, and Red Lobster. At the time of recording, she says she is primarily considering work at Buffalo Wild Wings.

In another video, she explains her tips for interviewing to ensure people get the jobs they want.

“Go in as confident as possible,” she shares. “Always make sure you shake their hand. Obviously, seem friendly.”

She also notes the importance of being honest with interviewers, including being open to asking questions when one doesn’t understand what the interviewer is trying to say.

Users largely agreed with Ghaelyn’s points in this video.

“My biggest tip is asking them questions,” a commenter offered. “They always ask at the end if you have any questions and if not prepared you’ll be like ummmm….”


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