‘I’m 61, And My Husband’s 24, People Say We Look Like We’re In Stranger Things’

When you talk about accepting oneself in all of its curves, Cheryl McCain is one such woman. Recently, the 61-Year-Old showed off her figure in a two-piece design with smiling photos of her husband Quran. Accordingly, the 24-Year-Old had his and Cheryl’s faces on his

The pair were seen dancing and having a good time, but not until trolls proved they weren’t kind in the comments.

Please don’t wear that on the beach,” one person said. Another added: “He’s looking at dust.” While a third stated: “That was the final straw.” Quran had shared the video on their page with the caption: “Thank you @yescustom for the amazing swimsuits.” 


@oliver6060 Lets go @kingqurannewpage ♬ original sound – 🐸👩🏻‍🦲


A fourth compared Cheryl to Stranger Things Villain Vecna, stating: “Help, why does she look like vecna?”

Thankfully, most people insisted the couple should be left alone to enjoy their relationship. Someone wrote: “These two are just human. Someone’s child. Let’s strive past our egos. I just can’t find it in me to judge them.” Another urged: “Let’s be kind.” A third agreed: “Exactly my point. Some of these people are so sad that they want to share their negative energy with others smh. I love seeing ppl happy.”


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