I’m getting filler in my lips for £1,000 from my sugar daddy

Having had over £1000 worth of filler injected into her lips, a 22-year-old says she is more confident than ever, thanks to her sugar daddy.

According to Dailymail, The woman, whose sugar daddy often foots the bill, says she has never felt more confident after spending more than £1,000.

Chanel Challacombe, 22, from Kent, began having lip filler at 20 – and was hooked after one injection. A psychology student gets her lips topped up around three times a year with 2ml injected into her face.

Her appointment for filler would cost up to £299, which is nearly as much as some people have to pay for rent. However, she doesn’t worry too much about the price tag since her sugar daddy usually pays for it. She said this treatment has helped Chanel regain some self-confidence that she lost while being bullied at school.

While she gets a lot of naysayers on social media, her huge lips don’t bother her anymore. ‘I get hate on TikTok and my family don’t like it either,’ she explained.

She said she used to respond to negative comments on TikTok, but the platform always suspended her.

Instead, she lets criticism wash over her and uses it as motivation to have more filler.

I think I started to get filler as a coping mechanism. My boyfriend wasn’t a big fan of it, and we broke up when I started getting more. There has been talking of a new law that might only allow people to have filler if they have prescriptions. Chanel said she disagreed with the proposal.

Even though she is concerned about the mental health of young women who believe they need filler, the 22-year-old believes restricting the procedure will encourage more people to turn to the “black market” for the procedure.

Chanel continues to have cosmetic procedures topped up and planning for a bo0b job in Turkey. She said: ‘I was forced to go abroad for this as my GP wouldn’t write me the letter to get it done in the UK.’





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