INSPIRATION School Teaches Teen Girls How To Change Tyres And Check Coolant Levels As Part Of New Initiatives

Time is changing, but how come our education has not yet caught up to the dynamic? Stella Maris College wants to change that and adapt to what’s relevant to their students. Recently, they shared some pictures on Facebook showing girls in Year 11 changing car tires on their own before they graduate school.

Tagging this as part of essential life skills, the official Facebook page of the college wrote, “Our Year 11 girls today were taught some essential DIY car maintenance skills by Galmatic.”

“How to change a tire and check tire pressure, how to check oil and coolant levels, what to do in a car crash, and more. Encouraging our girls to be strong, independent, and resourceful young women!”

Galmatic is a woman-owned business that provides “Maintenance High School Incursions” and holds workshops and online courses for women and teens.

Eleni Mitakos herself gets dirty with the students to teach them hands-on how to care for their cars. She’s ran her business for more than 13 years now and explains that they teach more than 100,000 students all across Sydney to help students “feel comfortable behind the wheel.”

“Ultimately they are driving very big vehicles which can be very expensive if not looked after properly,” Eleni said. “We can’t stress enough to all our students you should never ignore a problem with you car, you need to address it for your own safety.”

The incursion split the students into 3 different groups with 40 girls in each. The school’s assistant principal for well-being, Amy Smith, explains that this has become a very positive experience for the girls. Aside from that, the teaching staff, as well as the principal, saw this to be a very beneficial session for the students.

She added, “It was also important to show the girls that they have the capabilities to handle situations themselves once they are on the road, rather than rely on someone else.”

People loved this idea and wished this can be implemented everywhere else.


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