Japanese Woman Turns Out To Be A Man In His 50s Playing With FaceApp

Instagram user zaitaku_iyada loves sharing her selfies. The woman who appears to have silky, wavy hair, soft pale skin, and big eyes get many compliments when she shares her pictures.

This is zaitaku_iyada! She has the appearance of a young Japanese girl with round eyes and cute demeanors.

However, many people never imagined that the real person behind these pictures is a man in his 50s!

In his Instagram bio description, he wrote in Japanese, “I’m an uncle in his 50s who usually works from home.”

He also explained why he made this account, “I’m addicted to FaceApp, and I’m uploading selfie photos with cute processing.”
This is similar to the motorbiker who also admits to enjoying editing his pictures into a beautiful woman.

His Instagram account has more than 13k followers.

Multiple people would comment about how ‘she’ looks so young and cute in these pictures. He also often share bloopers like this that shows that he really is not a woman!

As he was frank about who he really is and that this is just his hobby in using FaceApp, there are many who couldn’t believe their


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