Kim Kardashian fans spot ’embarrassing’ detail in workout video after 21lbs weight loss

Kim Kardashian recently dropped 21lbs after changing her lifestyle and cutting out junk food, but fans have spotted a confusing detail in one of her workout videos

Kim Kardashian fans have called her workouts a “joke” after spotting a confusing detail in one of her exercise videos.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star posted a video on TikTok of herself working out her legs as she squatted using a smith machine. In the clip, her trainer shouted words of encouragement as Kim said: “It’s hard.”

41-year-old Kim moaned as she struggled to complete the workout and said: “This is way worse than I thought.”

The video has since been shared on a Kardashian-dedicated Reddit board with fans pointing out the reality star didn’t add weights to the bar, which weighs on average just 15lbs.

One person said: “Isn’t the bar usually 15 pounds?? That isn’t even heavy.”





Another wrote: “Omg what a joke my grandma can do that Kimberly! That’s so embarrassing for your life and your soul.”

A third fan commented: “Either Kim is weak as hell or she thinks we’re dumb enough to believe she’s actually struggling,” while another said: “Her works are so funny to me lol she’s been at this for years but she hasn’t really upped the weights she lifts.”

Other people pointed out Kim could be warming up, or trying to work on her form.

One fan wrote: “My guess is she is working on form since she’s meeting the other weight at the bottom by touching it with her bum.”

                     Image:Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)
                        Image:Getty Images for Balenciaga

Another said: “Maybe its a warm up set,” with a third writing: “People also s**t on her form, but lowering your weight can really help with form. Smith machines can also help your form.

You can also build a body you want with lower weights and higher reps.”

Kim recently opened up about her weight loss journey, after drastically losing 16lbs in three weeks to squeeze into her Met Gala dress.

She said she worked out several times a day and significantly reduced her daily calorie intake in a bid to drop 16lbs as quickly as possible. She then wore Marilyn Monroe’s famous gold gown for her red carpet appearance.

Since then, Kim said she has now lost 21lbs in total. Speaking on the Today Show, Kim said: “It actually taught me a lot about my lifestyle and my health and since then, afterwards, I continued to eat really healthy.

“I cut out so much sugar. A lot of junk food I was eating. I didn’t even realise it. A lot of fried foods. And I completely changed my lifestyle.”



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