Man Flew a Thousand Miles For Two Dates And Got Stood Up Both Times

Recently a man claimed that he traveled twice from Spain to the UK to meet his girlfriend and was stood up both times.

The 32-Year-Old David Stevenson moved from Nottingham to Spain a few years ago. But lately, he had been talking to a former friend from the UK, and the two developed feelings for each other.

After talking through messages and calls, the couple decided to meet in England, and David told her he would fly to the UK only to meet her. So, according to the plan, he landed on the English soil to see his girlfriend, but she didn’t show up at the airport.

When Stevenson contacted her to ask where she was, there was no answer; she didn’t take his calls nor reply to any of his texts.

After being ghosted by his girlfriend, David posted a video on his TikTok and expressed his disappointment about being ghosted.

“It’s purely disappointment. You’re spending so many hours of your life invested in this person – from phone calls to messages. Everything.

“There’s only 24 hours in a day, and you’re giving up hours of your day for this person, and then to put yourself out there in a position of vulnerability and to be dropped, it’s not a nice feeling at all.”

Then he flew back to Spain and never heard from her again. However, after watching his TikTok video, a follower messaged him and told him she really liked his videos and kind of had a crush on him. She was from Bristol, UK.

They started talking to each other, and they really hit it off. After talking and video chatting with the new girl for almost three weeks, Stevenson decided to meet her and flew to Bristol, but after reaching the airport, he got stood up again.

So, he posted another video on his TikTok and told his followers that he had been ghosted once again.

“Everything was going fine, everything great,” He said. “Then, the day before I was to fly out, she’d gone a bit quiet. She didn’t reply to any of my messages, but I still had the flight in the morning.

“I’m one of these people where I get that people can be busy. I’m not always on social media or my phone. I messaged her in the morning to say I was flying over and had just got to the airport. I got nothing. I still jumped on the plane.”

The Bristol woman later contacted David and told him that she was hit by Covid, which is why she couldn’t meet him. She also apologized for ghosting him, but he didn’t believe her.

“By the time I’d come off the plane, that video started blowing up a little bit, and I think she may have seen it. She messaged me to say she had covid, it was really bad timing, and she was so sorry. I absolutely don’t believe her.”

“If you’ve got covid, you’d message me the day before saying, ‘David, I’m really sorry, but I’m ill.’ You don’t’ ignore someone for a day. I think it’s an easy cop-out, but I’m old enough and wise enough to read between the lines.”

Despite being stood up by two different women at two different airports in England, David, who appeared on The Apprentice in 2015, said he was still hopeful that he’d find the right person one day. In Fact, he has been approached by several single women after watching his viral TikTok videos about his disastrous dating experiences.

“What’s interesting is a girl, about two hours, replied to one of my TikTok stories. She works in a bar in Exeter and has invited me down tomorrow to throw a party with loads of single women. It’s random – but why not?”

“I’m going home first thing Monday morning. I still have a chance for some romance this weekend. I’ve kept it as an open book. It’s not necessarily that romance will happen, but I’m all for meeting people and making new connections with people while I’m here. He said.

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