Man Had to Buy His Wife A Birkin Bag To Apologize For Becoming Overexcited After Spotting Mia Khalifa In Their Hotel

Recently a TikTok influencer went on a honeymoon trip to Paris. While they were having fun in the hotel, the couple spotted Mia Khalifa having dinner.

The husband got too excited when he saw the former star, now a social media personality, and started texting his friends.

While he was overwhelmingly texting his friends about Khalifa, the wife, named Lya, was really not amused by what was going on. She took to her TikTok account and posted a video.

In the video, she was clearly looking annoyed. Lya, who goes by the username @lyamariella, wrote in the caption

“POV: you’re in Paris having dinner with your husband, and he spots Mia Khalifa, gets way too excited about it, + proceeds to text all his guy friends.”

“I’m currently at Hermes across the street; feel free to meet me here,” Lya replied.

Mia responded, “Good, he owes you a Birkin.”

Then Lya wrote, “I’ll send you a picture of it soon.”

Later that day, Lya posted a follow-up video showing her new Birkin bag that her husband bought her as he wanted to make it up to her for making her angry. She tagged Khalifa in her video and wrote,

“Just over here trying to make you proud.”

A few hours later, the newly married TikTok girl met Khalifa in the same hotel and showed her her new Birkin bag in person. She posted another video on her TikTok account, and the two ladies were seen having fun together while they laughed over the entire scenario.

I’m here at the christening of the Birkin… we’re not going to dunk it in water because we don’t do that to a Birkin,” said Khalifa.

The former star laughed and said that this whole thing was so funny because the man they were grilling together was making their video.

“This was the best meeting ever, and also her husband that we were talking s*** about is the one filming this right now,” to which Lya added, “What a time to be alive.”

Later, Khalifa posted a screenshot of one of Lya’s videos on her Twitter account and wrote the following caption,

“This influencer staying at my hotel in Paris posted a TikTok feeling bad cause her man was excited to see me walk by at dinner last night, and this morning he bought her a Birkin to make up for it. A *BIRKIN*!!”

She also shared a video on her TikTok account in which Lya’s husband presented her with the bag while she angrily looked at him.

“When you’re about to cuss him out for recognizing Mia Khalifa, but he hits you with the uno reverse: Birkin edition.”

Mia’s video was flooded with happy comments, and people applauded her for supporting Lya.

“Women supporting women, this is lovely. CHEERS, YOU TWO!!!”

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