“My Mother Likes PLAYING With My Husband In Her Arms, Is That Weird?”- TikTok User Startles Audiences With Her Revelations

@milliesellers411, a TikTok user, went famous after surprising people with her “swinger” lifestyle. She said in a brief video that she can keep her partner happy by allowing him to “play” with her mother. With this video, one would rapidly believe they’ve landed on an unexpected side of TikTok.

A woman shares how she “keeps her man happy” in a video that has over 12 million views.



A image of her and her mother together opens the video. The camera then pans sideways to reveal a man grabbing her mother and embracing her tightly.

“Do you know want to know how I keep my man happy?” the “swinger” woman inquired.

“I let her play with my mother,” she remarked in the video, giving her family life an unusual twist.

The woman concluded her clip by saying, “Yeah, I’m that sort of wife.” “Don’t judge, and yes, I do,” she wrote in the caption of her video.

Many folks were perplexed and couldn’t tell whether this was a joke or not.



We couldn’t tell if this was a prank because there were so many… unexpected and weird things happening. However, the TikTok user has been openly discussing his swinger lifestyle on her social media site thus far.

She said in another video that she had invited a married man and his wife.

The films drew a deluge of comments from perplexed viewers who couldn’t comprehend why the action was taken. “I sincerely hope this is a hoax lol,” one user said.

There are a lot of people that think this whole structure isn’t right. “That’s just awful,” another agitated person wrote.





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