No One Treats Their Fans Better Than Johnny Depp

There is no doubt that Johnny Depp has been the topic of conversation for several months due to his ongoing legal battle.

Despite that, he still enjoys a legion of fans because of his acting (which is as good as it gets) and because of everything he does to help others, especially his fans.

No matter how much or how little you like him, it’s impossible to deny that he brings them joy.

Johnny Depp’s great joy comes from the fact that he does not let his fans down, especially when it comes to his younger fans.

The fact that he appeared at Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride went viral, but when it came to his work for children, people were even more enchanted.

In the role of Jack Sparrow, he has visited several children’s hospitals and stayed for hours and hours.

There is no doubt that he makes their day. How could he possibly say no to hugs, high fives, and fake swords when they were all around him?

“He never broke character once and was so generous with his time,” Sarah Kertcher said after Johnny Depp met her daughter, Madison.

“He was truly here for the kids and it brought tears to my eyes to see how special he made each one feel.”

He showed up at a school to do the same thing once!

Even if you don’t think he is a good actor, one thing is certain: he is going through a lot publicly.

With a visit from Captain Jack Sparrow, all children around the world are sure to feel a bit happier.

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Images: Facebook | BC Children’s Hospital Foundation


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