People Criticize Mom for Buying Designer Clothes for Herself but Not Her Kids, She Responds

We live in a world where someone will always have something to complain about without even thinking about the other person. Today’s story is about a wife, mom, and influencer – Caitlin Fladager.


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She is a successful influencer with over 600k followers on Instagram. She likes wearing designer clothes, and there’s simply nothing wrong with that. But people had issues over her not doing the same for her kids.

She Raised Them Right



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“Your kids only wear clothes from Walmart, while you get dressed up a lot. Not a good look for you as a mom..”

That’s what people tell her. This super-mom chose to respond to all the hate and trolls by speaking to them directly on Facebook. Caitlin wrote:

“Yes, my kids clothes mostly come from Walmart, while I buy myself clothes from other stores.”

“You know why?”

“Because I am not constantly outgrowing them, like my kids are.”

“I am not constantly spilling food and dirt all over my brand new clothes.”

“I am not outside running around in the dirt for hours on end.”

“I am not tripping and ripping holes in brand new clothes.”

“I am not changing my mind daily about what colour I have randomly decided I don’t want to wear ever again.”

“I am not a kid.”

“My children are messy, they love to play in the dirt, and they love to spill their food.”

“I buy them cheaper clothes, because I refuse to be the mom who yells at them for spilling a drop of ice cream on a brand new shirt.”

“I strive to be the mom who sees them spill, and says ‘oh no big deal!’”

“I strive to be the mom who sees them playing in the dirt, not caring that they are ruining a brand new outfit.”

“I strive to be the mom who teaches them there is more to life than having nice, expensive clothes.”

“So yes, my kids mainly live in Walmart clothes.”

“And they love it.”

“They love being able to spill, get dirty, and outgrow clothes in a day with me not caring.”

“So here’s my kids, in an outfit I bought not long before this day.”

“Here’s them covered in dirt, spilling ice cream, and living their best life.”

“That’s all I could ever want.”

We love this mom for speaking her mind. Simply put, no one should have any say in how a mother raises her children.

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