Princess Diana wouldn’t have been a fan of Meghan Markle, royal biographer says

The late Princess Diana wouldn’t have been a “great fan” of Meghan Markle, royal biographer Tina Brown believes.

The “Palace Papers” author speculated in a new interview that there may have been drama between the in-laws over Markle leaving the British monarchy with Diana’s son Prince Harry in early 2020, leaving him “cut off” from his family.

“Diana was very protective of her boys,” Brown told the Daily Beast Wednesday, referencing Harry and his older brother, Prince William.

“She would have been very, very protective of Harry and I believe very anxious about this direction they’ve taken. I think she would have felt Meghan was steering Harry in a direction that was not good for Harry,” she theorized.

“I don’t think Diana would have been the great fan of Meghan that Meghan herself might perhaps imagine.”

Nevertheless, Brown believes Diana would have been “thrilled” when her younger son met the “Suits” alum.

“She would have been delighted, supportive and thrilled someone of mixed race was joining the royal family because Diana was so inclusive,” the “Diana Chronicles” author noted.

Brown, who last saw Diana in New York City one month before the princess’ death at age 36 in August 1997, also claimed the late royal would be “very unhappy” that her two sons’ relationship remains strained.

“She never questioned that William would be king. It was her most ardent desire he would become king. She was never anti-monarchy in that regard. She had differences with the royal family — her biggest difference was that her husband [Prince Charles] wasn’t in love with her, he was in love with someone else [Camilla Parker Bowles],” the former Vanity Fair editor said.

“But she never thought for one minute that William would not be the future king, and that Harry would always be there to support him,” she continued. “She would not be happy with how things are.”

Brown also compared Diana’s charitable efforts to those of Harry and Markle.

“She kept Kensington Palace as her base. Unlike Harry and Meghan, she understood having the power base of monarchy was enormously important,” Brown shadily said.
“Today, I believe she would have had billions of followers on Instagram and used that to the max. By now, her charitable foundation would have been as big as Bill Gates’.”

The journalist’s comments come a few days after the Duchess of Sussex, 41, gave a lengthy interview to New York magazine’s The Cut, in which she revealed that Harry, 37, had “lost” his relationship with his father, Charles.

Markle also noted how “happy” she was to leave the UK and start a new chapter in California with her family.

Sources: PageSix

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