Queen’s Death Inspires Kanye West to take Life Seriously and Release all Grudges

Her Majesty’s passing leaves Kanye contemplating life and that he shouldn’t be holding grudges against people.

On September 8, 2022, around 6 PM (GMT), the announcement was made from Buckingham Palace: “The Queen died peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon.

“The King and the Queen Consort will remain at Balmoral this evening and will return to London tomorrow.”

Yesterday, BBC reported that Her Majesty The Queen was under medical supervision, and the members of The Royal Family have started gathering over bedside at her Scottish estate.

People worldwide started speculating if they should be prepared to receive any news regarding Her Majesty, and around 6 PM (GMT), it was announced that the Queen died peacefully.

Soon after the Palace officials released the official statement about her death, condolences started pouring from around the world.

American rapper, record producer, and fashion designer Kanye West now known as Ye, also took to his Instagram and shared two photos of the late Monarch along with a write-up saying,

“Life is precious. Releasing all grudges today. Leaning into the light.”

While it is not sure what grudges the controversial rapper is actually talking about in his post (as he holds many), people are backing him for keeping a positive approach towards life.

“Love this version of Ye.” A fan wrote under the post.

“The light is worth the wait.” Said another.

“Is this for real? Or someone hacked his account? No way is he forgiving the Queen for her racist past,” someone else wrote.

According to Newsweek, “The change in tone for West comes after he spent several days aiming for Gap and Adidas, companies he has accused of leaving him out of meetings and stealing his designs after previously making agreements for them to carry his Yeezy line.”

In the recent past, the Heartless musician had been beefing with several people, including his ex-wife Kim Kardashian and her now ex-boyfriend, Pete Davidson, rapper Kid Cudi, singer John Legend, and even the iconic sitcom Friends.

After his split from Kim, Kanye kept attacking her with his rude and inappropriate remarks on the internet. In one of his interviews, the singer criticized his ex-wife for letting their daughter North make a TikTok account.

“Kanye’s constant attacks on me in interviews and on social media is actually more hurtful than any TikTok North might create,” Kim wrote in her Instagram story in February.

When Kim started dating the SNL star Pete Davidson in October 2021, Kanye started throwing shade over the couple, and according to a few reports, his doings affected Pete’s mental health.

Following the graphic music video, Davidson shared in a since-deleted post text messages of his and the rapper’s heated exchange.

“Yo, it’s Skete. Can you please take a second and calm down,” Pete said. “It’s 8am and it don’t gotta be like this.”

“Kim is literally the best mother I’ve ever met. What she does for those kids is amazing and you are so f***ing lucky that she’s your kids mom.”

“I’ve decided I’m not gonna let you treat us this way anymore and I’m done being quiet. Grow the f**k up.”

Newsweek wrote that the American rapper apologized for his actions in February and accepted that his posts were hurtful towards his ex-partner Kim and could be perceived as harassing her.

“I’m working on my communication. I can benefit from a team of creative professionals, organizers, mobilizers, and community leaders. Thank everybody for supporting me. He wrote on Instagram.

“I know sharing screenshots was jarring and came off as harassing Kim. I take accountability. I’m still learning in real-time. I don’t have all the answers. To be a good leader is to be a good listener.”

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