Remember ‘Octomom’? Natalie Suleman’s children are all grown up

The 43-year-old media personality Nadya Suleman, formerly known as Octomom, always dreamed of having a big family. She now has fourteen children.

As reported by Celebrity Insider, the octuplets are nine years old now, and Suleman, who goes by the name Natalie, is sharing glimpses of their life on Instagram and social media.


Little Things reported previously that Suleman stepped away from the limelight in 2013 because she felt that she was not living according to her value system anymore.


Suleman sparked controversy in 2009 when the octuplets were conceived via in vitro fertilization. The doctor who implanted 12 embryos in her uterus has since been barred from practicing medicine.


Suleman also received backlash from the public, not only for the health risk she was taking but also because the public thought she was unfit to be a mother.

Celebrity Insider reported that Suleman even received death threats at which point several security companies reached out to her to offer their services for free.

The public felt that Suleman, a single and unemployed woman, wouldn’t be able to care for fourteen children properly. People were more outraged in 2012 when it came to light that she was on public assistance.

Even though raising fourteen children isn’t easy and she struggled to make ends meet, Suleman wouldn’t trade motherhood for anything in the world.

She returned to school and studied counseling. Today, she is a successful family therapy counselor and says it makes her happy to help people.

She is a raw vegan and raised her children to be health conscious. Her Instagram bio states that 8 out of her 14 children are vegan as well. She shares recipes and workout videos on her Instagram account.

According to Suleman, fast food and preservative packaged junk food are poison. She urges parents to invest in their children’s health by doing research and making the necessary changes to their lifestyle.

Judging by the loving comments she receives on her Instagram page, Octomom has clearly become an inspiration to others and continues to motivate moms in a good way.

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