She Had 200 Surgeries To Transform Into A Cartoon Character, Here’s Her Final Look Addiction comes in different shapes

Addiction comes in different shapes and forms. It affects men and women of all ages. While some are addicted to food, this woman is addicted to becoming a look-alike of her favourite cartoon character.


Recently, a model appeared on This Morning show and talked about how she has spent over £500,000 on 200 cosmetic procedures just to look like a cartoon character!

Of course, the reactions were critical while some even harsh. Some even say that she is way over her head to do such a thing. But could there be a limit when it comes to aesthetic surgeries? For wanting to achieve a certain look?

Pixee Fox, 27, has spent near to half-a-million pounds to get the cartoon character body that she’s always dreamt of. To achieve this, she had six of her ribs removed. But before all these transformations ever happened, she was once against plastic surgery.

During the show, she claimed: “I used to be an electrician, so I didn’t, you know, just start with this randomly.” When asked how this all started, she said she can’t remember. “I don’t know why. Does it come from always being very artistic? As A child, I always used to draw and paint and I was kind of living in my own little fantasy world but created in my head.”

She added, “For me, it was never about how I looked.”

Pixie is artistic and talented in drawing. And from her drawings, she wanted to look like the characters that she’s making. And before she knew it she was a whole new person. The first thing that she had done was her nose, breasts, and eyelids.

She understood that the transformation is going to be a long process, but for her, she dares herself to go to that extreme. Pixee also explained that she sees herself as a pioneer in the beauty industry. She believes that her extreme makeovers are pushing the beauty industry forward and that is to reach above and even beyond the limits.

Pixie is the first woman in the world who had six ribs removed for beauty purposes. And as painful as it seemed, this transformation also cost a lot of money. The surgeries were not cheap.

However, that is the price that she is willing to pay as long as she achieves her dream body. And although she claims that her health is not an issue and her organs are just fine in there, she has to wear a 16-inch corset that will act as an external rib cage.

Beauty and looks standards are to each their own. You cannot say that what’s beautiful for you is the same for other people. Pixie has her own standards and that is to look like a  cartoon character. Remember that we all have different definitions and criteria of what is beautiful for us.

Life is too short to live it full of insecurities. Still, nothing is wrong with having thin lips or small breasts. You should never be judged based on what you look like. But sadly, looking like supermodels is currently the standard for women. And this is where addiction can happen.

Addiction to plastic surgery is a real thing. And that is definitely something that we should never take lightly.



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