Single Aussie Man Makes History with the Birth of Son

An Australian man named Shaun Resnik has been making the rounds on news cycles as of late as he has become the first man in history to ever give birth to a son in Victoria. Resnik is finally getting a chance to live his dream of being a father to his son Eli Michael who has born on March 22.

It’s been a long time coming for Resnik, who initiated this process more than three and a half years ago. Resnik has made history as the first single man to welcome a newborn son via surrogacy despite the state’s relatively strict surrogacy laws.

Eli was carried by a surrogate mother, Carla Pincombe. In an interview with 7News, Shaun opened up about how overwhelming the entire experience has been for him.



“It’s a love like I’ve never experienced before.”

Pincombe also shared in Resnik’s elation.

“Joy. Pure joy. I guess, surprise, and probably relief as well.”

The Challenge of Surrogacy

There are many couples all over the world who resort to surrogacy for a variety of different reasons. Most commonly, it’s either one or both of the people involved in the relationship who are incapable of contributing to the reproduction process.

Aside from adoption, many couples will choose the route of surrogacy, which is defined by a woman who agrees to serve as a carrier and child-bearer on behalf of another parent. The surrogate would then relinquish custody of the child to the other parent/s. Again, in most cases, people who resort to surrogates are couples who cannot get themselves pregnant.

But Shaun’s case is a unique one. For one, he is a single father. And it’s estimated that around 100 babies are born to surrogates in Victoria annually. And these surrogates need to gain federal government approval before they can be deemed legitimate. This bureaucracy has been notoriously unkind to single parents since most states require surrogate children only to be handed over to couples.

A Miracle for Resnik

Since the birth of Eli, Shaun has made it a point to serve as a beacon of hope for all aspiring single parents out there. It’s now the hope of Shaun that his story will serve as a source of inspiration for anyone who wants to fulfill their dreams of becoming parents despite not having any romantic partners in their life.

But it hasn’t been all smooth sailing for Shaun. Again, the entire process took more than three and a half years. He has also had to endure heartbreak after heartbreak after three failed attempts with other potential surrogates before Ms. Pincombe finally agreed to be the surrogate for his future child.

Because of Pincombe’s generosity, Eli now gets the opportunity to experience the love and care of his father, who describes fatherhood as an exhausting but rewarding experience.

Shaun claims that his close relationship with his own parents inspired him to want to have kids of his own.

“Some of my fondest memories was growing for walks with my dad and the dogs and we just have this amazing bond.”

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Images & Featured Images Credits: 7News

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