Single Gay Man Adopted A Girl With Down Syndrome Rejected By 20 Families

The journey of Luca Trapenese and Alba, a little girl with Down Syndrome, has been emotional. Particularly, Alba’s fate since birth had been uncertain, to the extent that twenty different adoptive families rejected her. Luckily, her life experienced a happy turn in July 2017 when Luca decided to become her DAD.


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Luca adopted Alba just after getting out of a serious relationship with his BF. At the time, the little girl was put up for adoption by her biological mother.

Luca had all his life dreamt of becoming a dad but being gay and single was quite a challenge when it came to adopting. Surrogacy wasn’t an option, and gay parents are not usually recorded as co-parents on birth certificates. But then, he didn’t give up on his dream, and when he was told he would only be able to adopt a kid with an illness or a disability, Luca was absolutely OK with it.

Now, the father-daughter are inseparable and are living their best life.

Luca is so proud of his new status that he couldn’t hold back but wrote on his Instagram bio: “I am a single father in love with his daughter.” Alba is now aged four, and her life has continuously been filled with beautiful moments. Speaking of fatherhood as a role of a lifetime, Luca reportedly said in his numerous interviews: “I am made to be a father! He added he loves to dedicate himself to his daughter; her development and life are on the top of his priority list.

So far, Luca’s most exciting moment was when Alba called him Dad and when she walked for the first time. It was so special because it’s hard for children with Down Syndrome. Luca is firmly convinced people must fight against mental barriers or any exclusion and believes that Alba will meet people who will value her talents and won’t consider her to be just a person with a handicap.

On Amazon, there’s a book called [in translation] We Will Amaze You With Special Flaws. It speaks out loud about disability and diversity, describing three children who have since turned their disabilities into unique gifts. To people wanting to adopt in the future, Luca advises: “Adopting a kid is the most rewarding thing you can do.






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