Teen Mom Brought Toddler To Prom For Date After She Couldn’t Find A Nanny

A teen mom has gone viral after she shared pictures from her prom with a special date that got TikTok squealing: her son!

Melissa McCabe from Tranmere, Merseyside, was going to attend her prom but couldn’t find a babysitter for the night.

The teen was only 15 when she gave birth to her son, Arthur. The girl raised her son alone with the father’s help since his birth in November 2020. Now one year old, Melissa can confidently call him her “biggest blessing.”

She decided to bring Arthur as her date for prom as she couldn’t find anyone to look after him.

She captioned her post, “Everyone going to prom with their boyfriend whereas I took my biggest blessing.”

Then she showed a slideshow of pictures of the two all dressed up and ready for the party. The clip has been viewed over 1.6 million times, with many complimenting how adorable Arthur looked and gorgeous Melissa was.

But her life since Arthur was conceived was often inundated with negativity.

She shared with Liverpool Echo, “When I found out I was pregnant, obviously I was really young. It was hard because everyone told me I was ruining my life and I wasn’t going to get my GCSEs. So many people make comments when I’m out with him.”

“Often people think he’s my little brother, and when I tell them he’s mine, their attitude completely changes. Older people especially find it disgusting because obviously, their way was to get married first and then have kids.”

But she’s completed her GCSEs and is entering college in September. Her major would be in Health and Social Care.

The mom continues to break the stigma surrounding teenage mothers by achieving things people tend to believe they can’t. Her social media is where she posts her journey as a teen mom and shares what life is like for her. She often talks about the challenges of motherhood, but above everything else, she speaks fondly of her son, whom she calls her “best friend.”

“Best date you could have,” wrote one of the viewers, and honestly, they’re right!
People gushed over the two of them, and her unusual circumstances were nothing to be ashamed of!

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