The girl went from 320 pounds to 80 kg. She is now a true beauty!

There were continuous squabbles between Christina Phillips’ parents. The girl was really concerned about this, and the only solace she had was eating. Stress eating became a habit, and uncontrolled eating resulted in excess pounds and obesity.

Excess weight hampered the girl’s life, yet she made little attempt to combat the issue. She stopped leaving the home and was quite timid in public. Over time, Kristina’s weight increased to the point that she could no longer walk or even serve herself in regular situations.

As a consequence, the doctors informed the girl that her life was in danger since she was just 22 years old and that if she did not act, things could turn out very terribly. As a result, Phillips made the choice to drastically alter her life. She wanted to be on a popular TV show where a nutritionist and a fitness trainer help people lose weight.


Kristina first had her extra fat surgically removed. She subsequently underwent extensive recuperation and training. She was also instructed on how to eat healthily. Despite weighing 320 kilograms, the female managed to lose 80 kilograms!

She is no longer scared to look in the mirror, walk outdoors, go shopping, and so on.



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