The Latest Beauty Trend Of Nose Hair Extensions Is Taking Off

The Latest Beauty Trend Of Nose Hair Extensions Is Taking Off


Millennials are always looking out for trends, especially when it comes to beauty and fashion. However, not all people immediately fall in love with a new trend because of how bizarre they can be sometimes. These days, women are becoming victims of beauty trends that are giving them false promises. Still, they would succumb to it just to try to stand out. It can be bizarre hairstyles, weird hairstyles, and color.



About two years ago, nostril hair extension became a trend for many beauty gurus online. In fact, it still is even up to this day!


You probably already saw some online posts about this new trend. But this is definitely not something that everyone would be brave enough to try. It’s straight out gross and unattractive. How did this become a beauty trend when it does not make you look any better?


Pretty sure every one of us have been obsessed with trimming our nasal hair. But no matter how weird it may seem, the beauty world seems to finally embrace it. You might not believe it, but nostril hair extensions are becoming a thing.


For sure everyone is wondering how this beauty trend started. Well, it all began when an Instagrammer, @gret_chen_chen showed the world this unique style. The Instagrammer posted a photo of herself wearing fake eyelashes which she glued into the openings of her nostrils. And since it’s something unique, a lot of people quickly followed and posted their own version of this new “beauty trend.”


As strange as it may seem, but many women are catching up to this trend. In fact, if you check out Instagram, the hashtag, #nosehairextensions has over 500 posts. It can be photos of videos from users who also tried the new look.


A video of a hair extension tutorial on YouTube by a YouTuber named Taylor R has over 150,000 views. So there is no doubt that thousands of people are interested to still learn about this trend.

Yes, it looks fun to try but you should be wary about gluing fake eyelashes on your nostrils. The Cleveland Clinic is warning everyone who is interested to do this. Our natural nasal hair has a purpose.


It is there to trap dust and other particles that can carry harmful bacteria to your lungs. If you attach fake lashes inside of your nostrils, it can pull out some of the protective hair once you remove it.


If you really want to do it, proceed with caution. This is not going to be easy especially when you change your mind and you want to remove it because of its less-than-flattering look. This is not for the faint-hearted.


If you can remember, full brows were frowned upon especially by women in the 90s. But look at how it is a growing trend now. Maybe this is the same fate that the nose hair extensions will have. Well, we all know how the internet works.


By now, we should not be surprised anymore of the growing beauty and fashion trends. Yes, some are worth trying, but there are others that we should just let others do, like the fake nostril extension.


How about you? Are you brave enough to try these nose hair extensions?






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