TikTok Woman Decided to Embrace her Facial Hair and Decided to Grow a Beard

A non-binary performer says she feels sexier now that she has ditched the razor and embraced her beard.

Dakota Cooke is a 30-year-old non-binary from Las Vegas and uses she/they pronouns. She is an influencer on TikTok and goes with the username @dakotasbeard.

Unilad wrote that Dakota first noticed abnormal facial hair growth at the age of 13 and used to shave her first twice a day.

According to Dakota, she has undergone several tests and consulted many doctors to determine the reason behind her abnormality. However, the doctors told her that it was due to hormonal issues; her adrenal glands produce excessive testosterone levels.

After trying to look like a normal female for several years, Dakota finally decided to accept her the way she is and stopped shaving her beard.

Now, she uses social media to spread positivity about facial hair.

“When I hit puberty at 13, I guess I got hit with a little bit extra. It started out with peach fuzz on my face that started to get longer and dark.” She said.

“A friend of the family pointed it out at the time, so my step dad took me to the doctors to do tests, and then took me to the hair salon where I had my first ever wax.”

“It was super uncomfortable, and at the time, I was just about learning how to shave my legs.”

“I grew up in a period where women with facial hair was so stigmatized that the women at the salon were telling me how girls aren’t supposed to grow facial hair.”

“I guess that stuck with me, because for the next ten years, I kind of just sunk into this shame spiral where I’d try and hide my face in photos and be attending waxing sessions every week.”

“It got to a point, when I worked one of my first jobs in retail, that I was shaving my face twice a day, once in the morning and then on my break because the hairs were just so visible, and I was working in the makeup department where it wasn’t acceptable to be anything other than a stereotypical woman.”

Daily Mail reported that it wasn’t until 2015 that she finally decided to embrace her facial hair.

“I was at a party with my friend, Sunshine, 35, and she was telling me all of these wonderful stories about what it was like working at the circus, and I just loved the idea of it all.”

“I said to her ‘I wish I could just grow out my beard and join you’, to which she responded, ‘why don’t you?

According to Cooke, it was not easy for her to grow her beard and face people, but with time she accepted herself.

“I had a lot of anxiety about the staring at first, but it got to a point where I just decided not to care anymore.”

“My family and friends have been super supportive throughout my journey of self-acceptance and have even bought me a “don’t f*** with the bearded lady” sign which I love.”

“My followers on TikTok have also been amazing, and I love answering their questions, as well as receiving words of support.”

“I even got complimented by one of my absolute heroes John Waters, after I visited him at a book signing in full makeup, feminine attire, and a full beard.”

“He told me that he loved my look and that I needed to do advert campaigns, that my face should be everywhere.”

“Even though I am non-binary, I still dress very feminine and love to wear makeup and dresses and skirts.”

The ‘sideshow freak’ performer said that the beard is a part of her personality now, and she does not feel uncomfortable anymore.

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