TikToker Tries To Expose A Cheater Husband Who Took His Kids To Meet His Mistress

Recently a woman accused exposed a husband who was cheating on his wife and took his two kids to meet his mistress.

The woman who goes by the username @Christina_Alyce on TikTok posted a video that went viral and was viewed by millions on the app.

In her video, Christina explained that she wanted to expose that man who dared to cheat on his wife by involving their children.

“I have debated making this video for like two days now,” she said in the clip. “I’m 33 years old, and this type of drama is way outside my realm. But if it were me, I would want to know.”

She added, “If your name is Makayla and your husband’s name is Donald, and you have two kids—one who is a little girl named Sarah and a baby boy who looks like he’s maybe one year old—, and you live in the Fredericksburg, Virginia area, your husband is cheating on you.”

“I was out to lunch on Thursday at a restaurant called Legend. There was almost nobody there, but in the booth that was right behind us was your husband and a woman named Brittany,” she said, “and what really pissed me off about this situation was this was Brittany’s first time meeting your children.”

“Your husband is cheating on you, and he brought your children to meet his mistress, which is why I’m making this video. While this is really outside of my realm and comfortability, if my husband took my children to meet his mistress, let’s just say you’d be seeing me on an episode of Dateline for a double homicide.”

She then asked Makayla to reach out to her for further details about the whole scenario.

“Please, if you get to see this video, reach out to me. I will be checking my DMS here and on Instagram as well. You just send me a message and I will give you all the information that I have.”

She further said that the mistress Brittany knows that Makayla exists, but she is so heartless that she makes fun of Makayla and urges her husband to divorce her.

“She even cackled when she was talking about seeing your face when you are served divorce papers.”

“But how can you blame that woman when your own husband is a sick man. This waste of oxygen took his children his wife’s babies that she’s carried for 10 months and birthed to meet his mistress behind his wife’s back.”  She said.

Christina also said that she took a picture of the cheating husband and the mistress and would show it to Makayla when she reached out.

“I have the proof and can provide it for evidence in divorce proceedings if you need.”

At the end of her video, she also asked her followers to spread the word and help her find Makayla, “Help me help this woman get the life she deserves.”

The comment section exploded with comments applauding Christina for her brave move and putting effort into finding the ‘cheater husband.’


“Girl code 100! Every woman should do this!” Said another.

“Yaasss queen!!! Women protecting women!” Another comment said.

“This is the exposure we need. My husband introduced my child to his mistress several times before I even found out about the affair. Nothing is worse.” A woman shared her experience in the comments.

Watch the video she shared on her TikTok Account.

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