Woman in Relationship with Toy Plane Says It’s The Best Relationship of Her Life

Today’s story is about a woman from Budapest, Hungary. She is in a “relationship” with a toy plane and says it’s been one of the happiest and most fulfilling relationships of her life.

Sandra Letanovszky is a 28-year-old aviation worker. Her relationship with her toy plane, Luffancs, started off in January 2022. Ever since Sandra was a child, she has always loved the aviation industry and everything about airplanes.

She was in a lot of relationships with men who never understood her love for aviation – her last relationship ended last year. After her last breakup, she decided to just follow her heart and buy a toy plane to spend her time with.

While speaking to Jam Press, Sandra spoke about her love for Luffancs:

“I don’t know why I love him, I just love him,”

“He’s beautiful and my soulmate.”

“He is the first thing I see in the mornings and the last thing when I go to sleep. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“We cuddle and kiss throughout the night… I get to do everything with him.”

“I have never felt like this with a partner before.”

For the first time in my life I am in love.”

“I have always liked planes, more than the average person.”

It’s never been a problem in my other relationships. They haven’t said anything and I never asked.”

“If I go away for the weekend, I make sure I take him with me. He’s always there for me.”

“If I go away for the weekend, I make sure I take him with me. He’s always there for me.”

While talking about going back to a human relationship, Sandra told Jam Press:

“I’m not too sure if I will go back to a human relationship.”

“Planes are more reliable as partners. I know I can always speak to him.”

“I like how planes represent endless opportunities. To me that is something positive and something I want to have in my life.”

Objectophilia is a form of romantic relationship or bond between a human and an inanimate object.

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